6 Wins Including Best Comedy and Best Director

We’re honoured (yes, with a u!) to have won 6 awards at the British Web Awards


  1. Best Comedy
  2. Best Director: Kayla Conroy
  3. Best Lead Actress: Kayla Conroy
  4. Best Trio: Fern Lim, Rachel Kay Barclay, Kayla Conroy
  5. Best Ensemble Cast
  6. Best Title Sequence: Montana Hall, JoAnne Harris, Michael Markowski, Vanessa Flores, Kayla Conroy

Congrats to the entire village that made this happen!


Garden State Film Festival: Official Selection

We’re delighted to be an official selection at the 20th Annual Garden State Film Festival! Human Telegraphs will be screening in person at Asbury Park during the festival from March 23-27, 2022 (specific screening times to come) and March 28-April 2, 2022 as part of the festival’s virtual On Demand presentation.

We’re the ‘Toasts of the Town!’ — Screening This Weekend @ NYC WEB FEST!

Catch Episodes 2 and 7 this weekend as part of the NYC Web Fest ‘Toasts of the Town’ Block! Get your tickets here. Due to the pandemic, this festival is 100% online, so you can partake in it no matter where in the world you are! Stay tuned to see if our nominations will turn into wins!
✨ Best Original Concept
✨ Best Comedy
✨ Best Acting Ensemble
✨ I Love NY

“Naive and yet slight raunchy”

We can’t get enough of this Movie Blogger review! Thank you, Federico, you truly get us!

In a very naive and yet slightly raunchy style of comedy, Human Telegraphs accomplishes authenticity in the viewer’s reactions. This is a web series whose storyline is only necessary for titling and the beginning of a few scenes. The rest is pure comedy gold by three performers that know exactly how to do what they are aiming for.

-Movie Blogger

Read the full review here.