We’re the ‘Toasts of the Town!’ — Screening This Weekend @ NYC WEB FEST!

Catch Episodes 2 and 7 this weekend as part of the NYC Web Fest ‘Toasts of the Town’ Block! Get your tickets here. Due to the pandemic, this festival is 100% online, so you can partake in it no matter where in the world you are! Stay tuned to see if our nominations will turn into wins!
✨ Best Original Concept
✨ Best Comedy
✨ Best Acting Ensemble
✨ I Love NY

“Naive and yet slight raunchy”

We can’t get enough of this Movie Blogger review! Thank you, Federico, you truly get us!

In a very naive and yet slightly raunchy style of comedy, Human Telegraphs accomplishes authenticity in the viewer’s reactions. This is a web series whose storyline is only necessary for titling and the beginning of a few scenes. The rest is pure comedy gold by three performers that know exactly how to do what they are aiming for.

-Movie Blogger

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